Cambridge Online City Project

These are my personal notes and references relating to the Project, as Anglia's representative.

The Project is steered by the larger group, representing a wide range of interests, with the details handled by a smaller group.

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The Central Library access point, the sixth, was opened by Anne Campbell on Monday 29-Jan-1996.

Mill Road Library campaigners are suggesting it host a point as a way of saving the 100-year-old Library (CEN 31-Jan-96).

August 1996

2nd meeting of the larger group, 17th March 1995

"Marketing: Anglia and the Web" section

The Phase I information set:

3rd meeting of the larger group, Friday 16th June

  • Progress
  • Demo
    Bill Thompson of Unipalm Pipex showed Netscape, Pipex Dial software and some ideas for pages. He recommends 17" screens. The PCs will have the floppy drive disabled. The modems will support 28.8K.
  • Development
  • Next meeting will be in September.

  • 4th meeting of the larger group, 24th November 1995

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