Cambridge circa 1280

The Hundred Rolls - 1278

14 leading townsmen formed a jury to supply details of the town. However they ignored the University.

There were 15 parishes, corresponding to the churches:
All Saints by the Castle, St Giles, St Peter, St Clement, Holy Sephulchre, All Saints (St John's St.), St Michael, Holy Trinity, St Andrew, St John Zachary, St Mary, St. Edward, St Benet, St Botolph, St Peter
This was much the same as the pre-Conquest pattern.

Religious houses & hospitals
Barnwell Priory, Franciscans, St. Rhadegund Nunnery, Dominican Friary, Austin Friars, Carmelites, Sack Friars, Gilbertine Canons of Sempringham
Hospital of St John, Leper Hospital of St Mary Magdalene

500 in total; 16-40 in each parish, except for the smallest Holy Sephulchre and St Andrew's with 6 each.
The Domesday Book in 1086 listed 400 houses, 50 of which uninhabited, plus the Castle.
Shops etc.
84 shops, including market stalls
16 inns
11 warehouses
41 vacant sites [fires?]
287, suggesting a population of about 2,000, not counting the University & religious houses
About a quarter of the population were farmers.
At least 60 owners had more than two houses, indicating the market for rented lodgings.

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