Heffers Stationers

At 52 Sidney Street, in a fine building.

Sadly (and inexplicably) closed by Blackwells, originally timed for 31st December 1999 - their first major decision since buying Heffers earlier in the year. The stock was accordingly shifted at considerable discount with the store selling space gradually contracting. Fortunately they decided to reprieve it till about 27th January, presumably to shift the stock.

As Heffers


Special displays; more recently educational CD-ROMS and related products.

Ground floor

Domestic stationery: cards, pens etc.

First floor

Toys and games. Balcony overlooking Market Street.

Second floor

Office supplies - a very wide range (backed-up by their warehouse on the outskirts of the city).

Third floor

Enormous range of maps and travel guides - available nowhere else in the city.

Top floor

Gallery; Christmas cards. Lit by a skylight, with a central well letting the light down to the third floor.