Potter Products, 54 Fitzroy Street

1975 - 1981

An ad from 1976

A restaurant specialising in a Hot Pot, run by Martin & Liz Hodge. Another popular dish was tornados - bread covered in flavoured sauce, e.g. chicken or asparagus, served with salad.

A cult place along with Waffles. Strudels' Restaurant completed the trio of popular eateries along Fitzroy Street. There was also the Little Kettle cafe nearby which was perhaps rather more a locals' place.

The menu

Main courses:
Tornados - hollowed out french rolls with a variety of fillings (changed daily).
Crepes - 2 crepes (variety of fillings) served with a salad.
Casseroles - Chilli, goulash, beef & wine and 2 vegetarian options. All served with homemade wholemeal bread.
Knickerbocker glory
Bumper banana sundae
Many other sundaes, some with brandy, rum, etc.
Lemon crepes
Lemon crunch
Draught Abbot (then difficult to find in good condition in Cambridge) (For instance, see CAMRA ALE 211 "Turn of the Tied")
House wine
Two blends of coffee
Late night opening Wed and Fri, often with live music.
Martin reports:

Photos from Martin

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