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This Jazz skiffle vaudeville act was formed in 1983 by Biff Harrison, Jim Chambers (a.k.a. Jim Strobes), John Gieves Watson (ex Temperance Seven), Sam Spoons, Hugh Crozier and Roger Ruskin Spear.

Thanks to Carl Grigg for supplying the initial info & pic and for putting me in touch with Laurie Bamford, who supplied further info. Since then John Gieves Watson has been e-mailing me more recent info...

[Group pic]

The line up lately has featured (amongst others) Rodney Slater, Sam Spoons, Biff Harrison, John Gieves Watson, the Very Reverend Michael 'Megs' Etherington, Jim Chambers, Mel Robinson (Ezra Pound Notes) and Richard White.

Biff Harrison has been reportedly seen playing his saw on an Oasis pop video: when asked why he did this he alledgedly replied "they where paying".

Most recent bulletin from Bill Poster

We start with a bang the very first day of 2004 - so get rid of that
hangover and join your old chums at the Bulls Head, Barnes SW13 - Thursday
1st January 2004, 8.30 to 11.00pm admission on the door 7.

Our fan site with lots of photographs is at:
another site for Bonzo fans is;

Have a great time in 2004.

Bill Poster

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