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The Alberts

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The Alberts were Bruce Lacey, Tony Gray and his brother Dougie Gray. In the late 50s/early 60s they put together an act involving dressing in Victorian clothes and playing a variety of strange instruments and props. They were a major influence on the Bonzos.

Previously Bruce was one of the back room gang behind the Goons, the creator of many of their special effects for the films and live shows and for Michael Bentine's Its a Square World.

For instance an exploding device ended Goodbye Dolly Grey with a scream of "Ladysmith has been relieved". Bruce was taught at art school by Roger Ruskin-Spear's dad. Bruce originated the bubble blowing `I'm forever blowing bubbles' singing robot which later Roger copied.

They played music hall songs plus some 1920s jazz and on very special occasions employed some like-minded idiots and converted themselves into a group called The Massed Alberts. According to Bruce The Temperance Seven were originally formed by the Alberts who were later ejected for `musical incompatability'.

They used to appear at various places around London and were regulars at the Fleet Street Jazz Club, which was a Friday lunchtime venue in Fetter Lane run by Ray Whittam, who played tenor sax with The Temps at one time.

They also appeared at Peter Cook's nightclub The Establishment in Soho where they performed a DaDa-ist 'quiz show':

The Alberts were the first of the anarchists music groups and had to be seen/heard to be believed!

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