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The Bonzos - Brain Opera


This is a compilation of posts on the Bonzos mailing list and other items relating to the Brain Opera project.
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Richard King wrote (30-Jan-2000):

I've been having a personal discussion with Mike Le Voi about B.O. He told me where to find an MP3 version of Act 3, which was new to me. I asked him about Act 1, but that was new to him!

Who knows anything about this, like the various scenarios (scenarii?). I'm sure that Act 1 starts off with:

plus the song: plus Viv asking the contestant:

Dave Bleasdale (18-Jun-1995)...

is trying to assemble the Excerpts from the Brain Opera performed by the Bonzos on John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show:

"My long term aim is to gather what I can of B.O. and reconstruct it. I would also be looking for folk who could 'clean' up the tape. At the moment this effort is for the benefit of those concerned but I suppose if something interesting, of good enough quality, did appear then the record company may take a different view now? I suppose the BBC is involved as well with copyright and in an case I doubt if the project will produce anything of the required quality..."

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