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Plans for 1997

The first Cambridge Tourist Forum meeting in October 1996 came up with various recommendations: (CEN 6-Nov-1996)

In July 1997 finger posts pointing to all sorts of facilities have appreared in the Mill Road, East Road and Hobson's Conduit areas (and probably others) - previously they were only in the City centre.

Madingley Road Park-and-Ride site

This is to have parking attendants who can assist tourists with advice. Also tourist coaches may be diverted to the site (they usually go to Silver Street at the moment).
(CEN 28-Feb-1996)

Cambridge Tourism Strategy 1996

The City Council's new strategy was launched on 20-May. It may require more than 100,000 a year for four years but Council officers estimate it would generate 30,000 a year for the Council. However the Council isn't going to fund it fully and wants a private sector contribution as well.

The plan is to encourage tourism and improve facilities. In particular the City wants visitors to stay longer (rather than in for a few hours and out again) and to venture further than the central medieval Colleges, e.g. to Newmarket, Ely and Huntingdon. Day visitors average 66%: plan to cut to 60%. Tourist coaches stay on average for 3.5 hours - increase to 4.5h. More beds should be offered: plan to increase from 2,042 to 2,500 by 2000.

Tourist numbers are expected to rise by nearly a quarter: 800,000 more visitors, giving a total of 4.2 million by 2001.

Visitors would be encouraged to use Park-and-Ride and treat the City with more respect. 55% drive in - the plan is to cut this to 50%. Only 17% use buses - aim to increase this to 30%.

Language schools need to improve areas such as littering and cycle safety.

The report reckons 6,000 jobs in the area depend on tourism and that it brings in almost 200M into the City's economy.

(CEN 3-Apr-1996, 9-Apr, 20-May, 21-May)