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Bonzos: Availability

This attempts to describe the current availability of Bonzos material.

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United Kingdom

Mar-96: Four Bonzo Dog Originals is available via order at Andy's Records.
Mar-98: History of the Bonzos added to the Mar-96 availability.
Nov-98: in stock: Gorilla, Tadpoles, Cornology, Recycled Vinyl Blues, Electric Shocks.

United States of America

Mar-98, reported by Tom Strickland: Jul-96, from Jon Gould: Jul-96, from David A. Brownlee: Jun-96, from Annie Sattler: Feb-96: Bonzos albums seem to be deleted now, with store stocks running down.

Dec-95: Bob Kruse has checked in Tower Records, Cambridge MA, and found the indicated CD titles available (though not in stock).


Andy's Records

I judge UK availability primarily by what's in Andy's Records here, which is larger than most high street multiples such as Our Price, Virgin and HMV (here at least) but smaller than the large Virgin Megastores (e.g. Oxford St.), for instance.

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