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East Road and The Kite - Gwydir Street area - Covent Garden/Tenison Road area - Hills Road & Regent Street area - City Centre & the Mill Pond - Castle Hill & western Chesterton Road area - Other areas

About this guide

I was motivated to start this guide when the CityScape Cambridge Pub Guide died at the start of July 1995. The key shows the emphasis:

A real choice of real ale in real pubs

There's a strong historical bias too (as part of a larger project).

This isn't intended to cover the suburbs (Arbury, Romsey, Queen Edith's, Chesterton and so on) in detail though here's a list of them all. Also wine bars, restaurants etc. are omitted. The alphabetical list notes pubs offering accomodation.

Links to other guides, etc.

This set of pages was started on 18-Aug-1995; this page last updated 24-Dec-2003
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CityScape Pub Guide

Vintage 1994: this had a clickable map of central Cambridge and user-contributed reviews for pubs. It died at the start of July 1995, came back to life about 10th November for a few days and returned in a more-or-less useless state at the end of February 1996. The guide probably could have been revived if there'd been enough interest, perhaps as part of CamNet (www.cam.net.uk), but AdHoc magazine's guide essentially superseded it.

For the record the CityScape Pub Guide was originally at www.cityscape.co.uk/bar/pubguide.html and then www.gold.net/bar/pubguide.html.