Major Development Schemes in the 2000s

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Cattle Market

(CEN 17-Jun-1996, 28-Jan-1998, 4-May-1998, 2-Dec-1999)

City House, Hills Road

Coldham's Lane cement works

(CEN 4-Feb-2000, 21-Aug)

Cheddars Lane

(CEN 10-Dec-1996, 20-Oct-1997)

Coral Park/Cambridge Retail Park

(CEN 27-Mar-1998, 3-Dec-1999)

Grafton Centre Extension 2000

The Prudential 2000 proposal was followed-up with a proposal to redevelop the other side of the street:

Grand Arcade

(CEN 26-Apr-1997, 29-Apr, 4-Jun, 1-May-1998, 8-Jun-1999)

North-West Cambridge

Arbury Camp


Bradwells Court