Major Development Schemes in the 1990s

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Arbury Park (North Cam.)

(CEN Spring-96... 30-Apr-1997, 25-Sep, 19-Nov, 12-Nov-1998)

Arbury Park II (North Cam.)

(CEN 13-Dec-1996)

6 hectare site alongside the Sainsbury's development

Bar Hill

(CEN 16-Apr-1996, 4-Mar-1997, 10-May, 30-Apr-1998)

Concert Hall

A 2,500-seat concert hall has been proposed for the outskirts of the City, at the former Blue Circle cement works off Coldham's Lane, by an unnamed developer. The Chairman of the Environment Committee, Coun. John Ratcliffe, hoped that a railway station would be built there too.
(CEN 20-Jan-97)

Chesterton railway sidings (North East Cam.) - Version 2

(CEN 26-Jul-1996 - 4-Jun-1997)

Chesterton railway sidings (North East Cam.) - Version 1

Fulbourn - Supermarket

(CEN 5-Sep-1996, 1-Oct, 3-Oct, 25-Apr-1997, 8-May)

Fulbourn Hospital

(CEN 7-Feb-97, 2-Sep) There's also a 7.7M plan to replace part of the Hospital.

Fulbourn Technology Park

A research & development complex has been approved after only 12 years by the City Council. The site is on Fulbourn Road in Cherry Hinton. It is expected to house over 1,000 jobs in five buildings, covering 15,000 sq.m., with parking for 500 cars and 350 bicycles and access for buses. Back in 1984 Acorn Computers won planning permission for a research centre.
(CEN 12-Sep-1996)

Grafton Centre Extension 1994

The old Coulson's (builders) site, vacant since about 1986, was finally developed in 1994/5, adding the Warner multiscreen cinema, BHS, a "food hall" (not the usual meaning of specialist, delicatessen shops - instead cafes/restaurants) and many small-to-medium shop units.

Hinxton Hall

(CEN 4-Sep-1997, 20-Jun-1998)

Trumpington (South Cam.)

(CEN 29-Feb-1996, 15-Jan-1997, 4-Sep)

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